2017 – Commit and Live it!

What an amazing beginning to the year! That’s what I am telling myself because I refuse to live it any other way. This year I will do all that I can to reach the next level – I will commit! For us to reach our goals, we must commit to something. We must give our self over to a process that will produce results. We may not understand the ins and outs, but if we stick to what we hope to achieve then we have already won. When you commit it creates access. We learn how to give and fight back because we intend to win. I am talking about working the grind until you get what you deserve.

Many of us get tied up in everything else except for what we truly want to do. I have often found myself in that space over the years, but I have chosen to release myself from the “if I had known that then I would have done this instead” paradox. Life is asking us to make a decision and run with it. If we choose to commit to something that we want to change, I say live it. We must begin to create our masterpiece. To commit does not happen overnight. It is a process and sometimes you are going to need a little support. The beauty is in the actions you take.

It does not worth a nickel to become some querulous human being who hates the world. The irony is that even if we complain, the sun still rises in the morning and we must keep going. I just love what Daniel Acuff said: “until you commit, nothing happens, but when you do commit, the entire universe rallies to your aid.”

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established. ~ Proverbs 16:3

The truth is, there are no “secrets” to committing to something. All you have to do is make up your mind to do things differently. We can become our worst enemy. But, I  have news for you. That can also change. You can redirect your life to a path that allows you to say – I can do this! I will do this! Most often it is our choice of words that determine how we act. As we work together on our desire to commit and live, here are a few ways that we can change our words in order to create the required action:

  • Instead of saying, “I am going to try to… say “I will do” – Be specific
  • Instead of saying, “let’s meet sometime later/tomorrow” say, “let’s meet at 4 P.M. or do you have an alternate time?” The objective is to get the person to commit with you.
  • Instead of “I am going to try to see…” say “I will/will not…” Ensure people know your decision.
  • Instead of “I might make it…” be clear and say I will/will not make it. Why leave things in suspense? You already know your situation.

You get the picture, right? The objective is make up your mind to do something and use your words carefully to ensure you are making a commitment. Either way, you must commit. For us to begin changing the status quo we must start the process to create the change we want to see. Start the day with one decision – I will commit and live it!

It is so simple, but it does sometimes take some people a lot of work to get to the place where they are able to “call a spade a spade.” Will you commit today?

Life is not waiting…

#Do Your Best Work!





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