2017 – Where did my goals go?

I think we have all heard about goal setting so much that people may have begun to believe setting them is overrated. If I can be honest with you, I have always been afraid of setting goals. But, I think the reason has been, I just did know how. Setting goals can be daunting, but if we can set the right ones then we get results. All my life I have stayed away from setting goals for myself because I was telling myself, why should I bother when I know they are not going to be achieved. The other reason was that I did not believe in my own goals. It was just one of those things. Today, I had to share with you about my transformation from someone who never wanted to set goals – because I was afraid. Now I am at the place where I understand why I failed at this. I am sure there are many out there like myself who have struggled and are still struggling. I want to encourage you, there is hope. After you read this, going forward you will never think or set goals the same way again. I have come to understand the simple truth; I have been trying to avoid the possibility of achieving.

Yesterday in my Toastmasters club meeting (Parthenon Toastmasters Club) we talked quite a bit about goals and one member delivered an excellent speech about “the importance of goal setting” while the other focused on an interesting goal that they had set; i.e. “how to read 52 books in a year”. Both speakers were amazing and touched on too important things about goals – goal setting and goal achieving. These presentations confirmed my intuition that I had to SHARE what I learned over the past couple of days. It is as if, I have had a rebirth. I believe whenever we get nuggets of knowledge passed on to us, we should return the favor by sharing it with others. Now to tell you what really inspired my thoughts to you today.

I know most if not everyone who reads this post is familiar with John Maxwell, but few may be aware of Paul Martinelli. Paul Martinelli is the President of the John Maxwell Team and he has debunked the crazy ideas that I have held about goal setting. He set the stage for me to overcome my fears of tackling true goal setting. He asked this thought-provoking question: “Are we setting goals with our current reasoning?” The purpose of that question is the fact that we need to use our intellectual faculties to set goals. To use reasoning would lead us to do so based on our logic. This is just powerful stuff! Now, if you are like me, I have never read or heard about intellectual faculties until I watched Paul’s presentation. He did not go into detail about the intellectual faculties, but he did share that there are six. He mentioned four and being the learnable person I am I looked up the others. They include your will, imagination, intuition, reason, memory, and perception. I do not have the time to go into what these are, but you can dig deeper into them in Napoleon Hill’s book – Think and Grow Rich.

“An educated successful person is not someone who has acquired generalized or specialized knowledge.  An educated, successful person is someone who has developed their intellectual faculties to such a degree that they can create whatever they desire or its equivalent without violating the rights of others.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Let us get back to Paul’s teaching that blew my mind and started my journey to thinking about goals differently. You are going to love this. Paul continued to explain that we should use two intellectual faculties in goal setting: Imagination and Intuition. If you think about this carefully you will agree fully that it makes so much sense. I will never look at my goals the same way ever again.  There is so much that I must learn as I continue my leadership development and I am energized. So, this is it. Paul suggests that we must become aware of the five mistakes that we make in setting goals. You are going to love these – we set goals:

  1. based on what we know we can get done. In other words, we set the goals we know we can do.
  2. based on what we think they can do. We love to make a list and tick things off. – That sounds so much like me. What about you?
  3. to suspend the requirement of knowing how. We are afraid to fail. – I was so guilty of this one!
  4. and question if we are worthy enough. The right question to ask is: are our goals worthy for us? What is the lesser value, you or your goal? We will agree, we are the higher value, therefore, the goal is the lesser value. We should pursue life with purpose and become aware of our skills, and influence.
  5. We think the purpose of the goal is to get the goal. Truth is, we’ve created a huge mistake. The purpose of the goal is not to get anything. Goals provide you with the desire to become aware of the life you want to live and what you deserve.

You must take some time to listen to this free course by Paul Martinelli to get the bigger picture: The John Maxwell Team – Goal setting. I am still in awe of how profound his message was and I am sure after reading this you will want to find out more. Your goals are yours to make. Paul hits another important point that “if you don’t have a goal that causes you to come out of your comfort zone, you need to find one. You need to become aware of the potential inside of you…The purpose of the goal is for you to grow.”

Get ready for the change that is coming in your life as you begin to visualize your goals in a different way.

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!



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