2017 – Never stop Growing?

To get a higher level of understanding about life makes things look and feel better. As I type these words, my hands are gliding across the keys because I am so excited to share with you. It is a new year and we have completed 11 days already. So far, my year has been the best year ever, but it has not gotten to where I want it yet and neither should you be feeling that way. If you have been following my post daily, you might be seeing a trend. I get inspiration from the things I hear, see and feel throughout my day. But, most of all I am inspired by the people who have touched my life. I can tell you for a certainty that this post is going to make you want to read more of what I am learning. I am on the path developing as a leader, speaker, coach, and mentor. I am getting aligned to lead the next generation just as others have and are still doing. I am inspired by the work of Jesus Christ, Jim Rohn, John C. Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Bob Proctor, Gary Keller, Robert Kiyosaki, Cal Newport and the list goes on and it is still building. The reason for my inspiration is that I have a strong desire to serve others and I know this is something that I must do. If I do not do it, I cannot live. Every fiber in my body is telling me the world needs to hear my voice. I can assure you, the world needs to hear your voice too. We all have a powerful story to share and people are ready to listen. Today marks another beautiful day when I get the chance to express how amazing life can be when we discover true purpose.

We are all searching for some form of self-fulfillment. It is something that will make us happy, but if that is all we want then I would suggest taking some time to really reflect. How can I really grow if I do not give? What will produce growth? In John C. Maxwell’s teachings on the “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth,” we learn some fascinating things. I am a John Maxwell pupil and feel so honored to be learning his legacy to Lead others to grow. As I learn on my journey, I will share with the world. If you have never read his books, I encourage you get copies and start your transformation. I get invigorated when I read his literature because you get the feeling it is coming from the heart. In his teaching on the Laws of Growth, he points out two very important questions that we must answer – of course from a positive perspective (and I am paraphrasing here):

  1. Why do I (you) need to grow?
  2. What are you doing to develop others?

Those are two questions that we must answer to get a grip on the essence of real growth. In other words, if you and I are to grow we must be intentional about it. So, why are we not growing? The answer lies in the “Growth Gaps” that we cannot identify readily. Two of those gaps are (1) assumption gap –  We assume that we will grow automatically. How absurd, right? Who would have thought something as simple as that would stunt our growth? It often happens when we assume that we will just get better. If you are one of those individuals, I challenge you to take the time to reflect. How can I break that cycle? (2) Knowledge gap – We typically don’t know how to grow. This is so true because before 2017 I had no idea how to grow. But I thank God I am learning. Personal growth keeps us prepared.

“You don’t go into an opportunity, you grow into an opportunity.” John C. Maxwell

As you take some time to reflect on what I have shared with you, I want you to begin the process of making your growth intentional. To do this John C. Maxwell posits:

  1. Make a commitment to intentionally grow.
  2. Make that commitment public – share your commitment with others.
  3. Identify the areas of your life that you want to grow in personally. It must be at least two areas, but no more than five. The reason for this is for you to choose to grow in an area of choice and an area of skill (e.g. Choice – speaking. skill – attitude).
  4. Invest 1 hour a day in each of the areas you have selected to grow in.
  5. Embody Preparation, Practice, Reflection.
  6. Share your growth with someone. Every week, find someone to share with (family member or a friend).

I understand there is a process to all of this and that is why I want to challenge you to start. Growth without a doubt is the only guarantee that you will succeed in life. Take the time to focus on who you would like to become and make the change. I am here to cheer you on!

“If you want to reach your potential and become the person you were created to be, you must do much more than just experience life and hope that you learn what you need along the way. You must go out of your way to seize growth opportunities as if your future depended on it.” John C. Maxwell

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!



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