2017 – Giving up to go up!

There is this famous Jamaican proverb that you will hear quite often. We will say, “If yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run.” This translated: If you want good your nose has to run. I can tell you that no matter which Jamaican you meet, young or old; they are familiar with the saying. It is often a mantra that we use when we are working hard towards something, especially, while studying in school. It is just one of those nuggets of wisdom that means a lot to us – to achieve great success in life we must put in the necessary hard work. My mother has said it to me on numerous occasions and if you are a Jamaican reading this post today you yourself have heard or used it often as well. Whenever you hear someone use this proverb, you get the sense of urgency to do whatever it takes to get the things you desire in life.

However, we seem to get bogged down with a certain level of success. I grew up with the state of mind that I needed to get a career in some big shot field in order to feel complete. The interesting part in getting that career is the challenge that we must endure to get to that point. Not everyone in my circle had the same challenges, but we all knew the importance of making a sacrifice to get what we wanted.

Within the past three to five years of my life, I have taken an interesting journey into discovering who I am. This has not been fully revealed yet because the journey to self-awareness is a process. It is not a sprint, but a marathon. I am learning in my life today how to really live life to the fullest. That is something I hope to share with you in a subsequent post: “How to really live life now to the fullest.” Today, I want to bring your attention to sacrifices and how we must make them at different points in our life to get to the next level. We must learn to the principle of giving up to go up.

You might be wondering what I mean by giving up to go up, but this is something that true leaders have discovered in their lives. For us to get anchored and doing extraordinary things in our life, we need to see opportunities when we can give up something knowing further down the road the rewards will be reaped. This is about sowing a seed of sacrifice because you get the understanding that your goals will be met someday. The beauty in this, is that, we can intentionally make sacrifices or in other words give up something now and lay the foundation for when it will all make sense. John C. Maxwell outlines this quite well in his 18th law of Leadership, The Law of Sacrifice. He shares that: 

“A Leader must give Up to Go Up…Sacrifice is an ongoing process, not a one-time payment.”

To be the best version of yourself you must keep giving up things in order to stay on top of your game. This might be difficult initially, but after your first go, you begin to develop the never-ending grit to push ahead. I am overjoyed to be learning this principle in my life and want you to start this process too if you haven’t. Take stock of your life. What have you really sacrificed in your life so far to get where you want to be? Have you sacrificed enough? Have you settled for the first level or second level win? Why not aim for the next level? You and I are where we are today because of the level of sacrifice we are willing to make. How about some big actions to tap into our sacrifice potential? Are you ready to put your dreams to the test? I know that I am. I look forward to hearing or seeing your transformation through sacrifice.

As you work through this amazing experience with me on your journey to the top, meditate on these things:

  1. Remember every sacrifice requires you to stand on other’s shoulders. We need to remember that others were there along the way with you and what you give today will and should benefit someone else in the future. We never get there alone.
  2. Always sacrifice to be the best version of you. Get out there and push down those roadblocks. Set goals that no one might believe, but know in your heart that you can.
  3. Remember, this is never-ending -giving up always to go up. Take your life to a place where you are in the clouds, but your mind tells you, “I need to reach the stars.”
  4. Make sacrifices a practical part of your day. Learn it like any other skill that you would train for. It first starts in the mind and transfers to action.
  5. Do Not Take Credit for Sacrifices Made. Understand the purpose of what you are giving up to go up and stay up. Think of the people who have made sacrifices before us. They made them and today we live a better life. For those who are familiar with the life of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for the world can recall His final prayer before the end of His journey on this earth. It is written:

    “…He went away a second time and prayed, “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.” ~ Matthew 26:42 This sacrifice opened up the door to redemption!

My friends, I believe the best is yet to come. Believe me, the possibilities are there, but remember the higher you go up the more sacrifice is necessary. Live, Love and Lead!

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!



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