2017 -Modeling for Success

There is always the question, “Who do I admire the most in my life?” Or, “Who do I know today that has accomplished the things I want to accomplish?” I am a not sure if you have put any thought to those questions, but they can create a window into your success. Who are you modeling for success? What about that person that gives you the drive to change the way you currently operate? We all need to find role models who challenge us to think and act differently. We are in a season where we need to set standards for what we believe in and who we believe in. I am not just speaking here about your faith, but beyond that. Whose work have you found to be profound and willing to adopt in order to discover fresh ideas?

In my desire to serve God, I start by modeling His will for my life and then I transfer that same concept to the people I admire on earth. I believe that for us to truly model our Creator, we must model the people who display those things that line up with our values. This is very important in the modeling for success process. If we fail to model inside of our values, then we have already missed the mark on getting to where we truly deserve.

As I continue my journey to discover the best version of myself, I have resorted to modeling for success. I wholeheartedly consider the fact that, to grow and get better I must find the right person(s) who will offer the necessary advice so I can rise – rise above my current level of influence. I am sure that you may find yourself in a similar situation where you know there is much to learn and develop in. But, the reality hits, “Who can I get to help me start living out the answers?” One caution that I must highlight here is that modeling is totally separate from being a fan or following someone. When you model a person, you inject yourself into the individual’s life and willing to go the distance and the process. For us to get traction, we must be hungry to lift ourselves to the next.

I was hungry to see a magnificent change in my life and so I decided to find my person to model for success. I did not have to look very far because I was already hooked to a specific individual – Dr. John C. Maxwell. He is recognized as Guru #1 on the World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals for 2016 and not to mention, he is No. 1 on Inc.com Top 50 Leadership and Management Expert. He is also a man who is rooted in his faith in Jesus Christ. That’s enough reasons for me to get and stay connected.  His teachings and an entire life dedicated to leadership development have captivated my attention. Though it took me a while to fully invest time to learn more from him, I knew deep down this is someone that would challenge me to live life because I have been blessed. Now, I have many other models for success that I emulate and this gives me the opportunity to learn various perspectives. All of us need to find our model(s) for success. But, how do you begin that process if you have not already decided? Willard Barth shares two very simple questions that can help us with such a decision. You should ask yourself:

1) Does this person have anything to gain if I fail? And

2) Is this person standing on higher ground?

The first question speaks to whether or not the person we are modeling is expected to gain from not giving their absolute best in time, energy, etc. While the second question gets us thinking about the person’s level of influence, knowledge, and expertise. Do they possess something that I seek? These questions will give you the start in discovering your model for success. Today as you ponder on your role model, you must also identify the nuts and bolts of modeling successfully for the desired result. We need to remember that modeling for success is clearly a process which allows us to learn from experiences. Dorothy Law Nolte shared in her 1972 poem “Children live what they learn” some insightful thoughts that we can transfer to what we as adults need to have developed in our success journey. For example, “If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.” So too, If an adult lives with tolerance, they learn patience. To stretch this a bit further, “If an adult lives modeling those they know add value, they learn to add value as well.”

To help us get the best out of the modeling for success process there are three things that you and I can do to ensure we maximize the experience:

  1. Find out the person’s beliefs;

  2. Find out their strategies or “how” they do it, and most importantly the syntax; and

  3.  Model the emotional state that they go into when they are doing the task. Is it one of certainty? Is it confidence? Compassion? Love? How do they approach it in regards to their emotional state?           ~ Willard Barth

Continue with me on this path to self-discovery. It is a blessing to know we can get to where we desire by working towards a specific objective and having someone to model the way. Be positive and optimistic!

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!




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