2017 – Spread Your Wings…

Like a bird spread your wings… It’s such a beautiful thing when you see a bird lifting itself off the ground. It positions and makes a slight thrust forward, takes a leap then flap its wings in the wind as it goes higher and higher. Without its wings, a bird cannot fly. The unique design that they possess has been woven in a perfect masterpiece.  It is such a beautiful thing to see and hear the birds in the morning as they perform their godly design. There is so much serenity in seeing these creatures do what they were created for. I love nature and whenever I sit down and just look at the things around me, I am in awe and wonder about how beautiful life is. You and I were wonderfully crafted in our mother’s womb and no matter how you feel today, you were designed for a purpose. Based on our culture, worldview and physical state we often cannot see beyond what we know. We are limited to our own perceptions of life and how we can elevate to our true potential. This might be the case today, but we can find the courage to spread our wings.

Like the birds, we were masterfully fashioned and have such an advantage to create the life we desire. We do not need to question if this is possible, but rather speak into your life and say what you want.  As humans, we have such a wonderful future when you think about it. Living on this planet has become much easier for all us because remarkable men and women before us were willing to spread their wings and create what they wanted to see. They had the faith to get it done and that faith produced hope. The most gratifying thing about all of this is that we possess the same ingenuity. If someone were to tell you to take the plunge into what will change your life and generations to come, would you do it? More often than not, we wouldn’t choose that option of taking the risk and “jumping off that cliff and build your wings going down.” For many of us, this sounds ludicrous, however; that is the fortitude that our pioneers had. For example, Thomas Edison and his amazing inventions have influenced every aspect of our lives today.

The desire in Edison made him willing to explore the unthinkable. The impact of his inventions has been widespread: electric light and power utilities, sound recording, and motion pictures. We too have what it takes to make our mark in this world. As you take the time to read this today, I want to encourage you to aim high. Might I remind you of the only things standing between you and your success? It is the things we consistently tell ourselves. What are you telling yourself daily? Are your self-talks positive and uplifting? If you cannot motivate yourself, then, external motivation is only a form of infatuation.

As we learn to visualize our potential and motivate ourselves, I encourage you to adopt the birds-eye-view approach.  This is something I want you to practice with me daily. Find a quiet place and read the following questions out loud at least five times. Use your imagination (for at least 5 -10 minutes) to visualize for a moment that you are up in the clouds observing yourself daily. Ask yourself:

  1.  Am I satisfied with what I see?
  2. What possible paths do I notice to get to my goals?
  3. Who is there with me along the journey?
  4. Am I happy, if not, what I am doing about it?

This exercise will position your mind to get back to center as you learn to motivate yourself to spread your wings and fly.  The first time you do this it might feel strange, but the more you practice the better you will feel. Your mind might stray a bit as you start to focus, but don’t worry this is normal. Just keep bringing yourself back to the questions, soon you will become a master at this. The key is to start visualizing your dreams and aspirations and hold the image in your mind. Keep spreading your wings – the best is yet to come.

“You’ve got to spread your wings if you really want to fly. Take risks, try new things, go places you haven’t gone, be willing not to know, be OK with making mistakes…and you will go further than you could have ever dreamed possible.” ~ Unknown

I believe in you!

Keep Doing Your Best Work!



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