2017 -Be Fantastic!

I hardly watch TV these days because I have found that there is so much more I can do with my time. However, I remember how fascinated I was as a child watching the TV cartoon series “Fantastic 4”. In my mind, they had the most amazing superhero powers ever.  When the movie was released in 2005 I was hooked. I know this might not have been one of your favorites, but it is still mine. I did not care about the acting, it was all about the unique abilities that each character had – the ability to be invisible and create a force shield, engulf in flames and fly, developing superhuman strength and my personal best the ability to stretch like rubber. I thought that these were the coolest powers ever and the kid in me says they are still the best. We have our favorite comics, movies, and superheroes, but beyond these things, I want to turn our attention to a deeper thought. Though the “Fantastic 4” was a fantasy that someone conjured in their mind and made it come alive for someone like me, we can zero in on the uniqueness of each character. Like the movie, you and I are in our own unscripted story. Every day another scene is played out and we get the chance to do it all over again if we make it to the next day alive. As you live out your life, what do you find to be uniquely you? You might be saying to yourself, “there is nothing unique about me,” but I am letting you know today – that’s a lie. You have the right to be fan-tas-tic! Have you ever felt fantastic, I mean really fantastic? Feeling fantastic to the point where you can imagine your cells telling each other, “we are all fantastic.” This level of living is so powerful – your body and mind begin to respond in a fantastic way.

I never knew how magical this could be until I started believing and living this way. For you to radiate with the same frequency every day, it requires a certain level of energy and that comes from you learning how to be fantastic. Everyone has the ability to be fantastic.

The word fantastic is derived from Old French fantastique, via medieval Latin from Greek phantastikos, from phantazein ‘make visible,’ phantazesthai ‘have visions, imagine,’ and from phantos ‘visible.’

From the derivatives, we get the concept of “revealing from the mind and making it known.” What is it that you possess in your mind that becomes visible to the world?  Are you working relentlessly to craft your fantastic self? I hope you have and if not, I encourage you to start now.

To be fantastic, we must be willing to stretch our mind like rubber, develop invisibility to be in the world, but not of it and guarding your spirit with the force shield of faith. We need to develop the superhuman strength called grit and engulf ourselves with a desire that keeps burning and forces us to fly. We all have the ability to become fantastic!

As you and I work on being fantastic and uncovering our fantasies we can start by making the decision to be fantastic no matter what. The world loves fantastic people! Here are a few highlights into how you can constantly build your fantastic self:

  1. Believe you are fantastic! If you don’t believe it first no one else will take notice. It all starts in our mind.
  2. Be fantastic for other people! Develop a strong desire to serve others.
  3. Be exciting to be around! People will draw close to your fantastic energy.
  4. Always wear a confident smile. Your radiant smile will capture a heart or many.
  5.  Never stop living a fantastic life, others will notice and want to know more.

There in nothing in this world more rewarding than finding the best way to stretch yourself and live to give your all. There is no need to worry if someone noticed your fantastic life. When you and I are gone, those who know us will be talking about how fantastic we were.

“Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realize the great life.” ~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!




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