2017 – Purpose, Commitment & Accountability – Part 1

It is no coincidence that I am sharing with you today about purpose, commitment, and accountability. I have written numerous times that I get inspired by the base of things and every positive thought that someone shares. Today is no different. Even though I am not able to go in-depth in this post on what each of these – purpose, commitment, and accountability – mean, I am willing to share from the perspective of how great leaders use them to make success look easy. The wonderful truth is that we can have the same experience. Yesterday, I gave you the prelude into the thought of man and how our thoughts direct what we become. It is this thought process that allows us to develop the purpose, commitment, and accountability that is desirable for us to reach our greatest potential. I am fully convinced that each human being has a purpose and if we are committed to living out that purpose with unmatched accountability we get to see extraordinary results. Today, I want to encourage you to live out that potential to the max and wake up tomorrow to do it all over again.

As we skim the surface of these powerfully enlightened characteristics of success-driven people, I want us to take a deep breath in… hold it 5-4-3-2-1…out. This is so life changing that we must be ready to act quickly and be intentional about it. We cannot allow our thoughts to be marred by mere unpreparedness. I am certain, if you apply the art of defining your purpose, recognizing the necessary commitment to achieve your goals, you will find the means to be held accountable for taking things up a notch in your life.


Purpose is rather two-fold in nature. There is purpose being fulfilled in as well as for you and then, there is the purpose you help unfold in the lives of others. The most powerful of those two purposes is the one where you give of yourself to have others realize their true potential. However, we must first fix our thoughts to be aligned to our purpose before we can take this to others. I am aligning my purpose in life daily so that I can share with you. I am very excited to live my life doing things intentionally so that when my success comes there is no doubt in my mind my thoughts were put into action. In getting to your purpose in life, you need to begin asking yourself some big “why” questions.

Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes a creative force. He who knows this is ready to become something higher and stronger than a mere bundle of wavering thoughts and fluctuating sensations. He who does this has become the conscious and intelligent wielder of his mental powers. ~ James Allen, “As a man thinketh.”

You and I cannot be deterred by thoughts of fear, doubt, and negativity of people. These things sap your energy and rob you of your purpose-drive. As we develop in our purpose, we must identify where we are spending our time and redirect immediately when it does not match positive thoughts.

People who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life. ~ John C. Maxwell

I have begun to live out my purpose more and more each day. To help you express your own purpose, I would like to give you a synopsis of where I am with mine.

My “Why” – I love people and leadership. Seeing someone evolve from a place of uncertainty to clarity and self-awareness brings me so much joy. I have found that I am more fulfilled when people find themselves. To lead others on that journey is what I see myself doing and creating a “Leadership Evolution.” I dismiss all thoughts that have me condemning others, but I appreciate rather, guiding them to the place where they no longer need me. I am just a vessel conveying the truth I have come to know. I am constantly learning and seeking to grow because my life is never complete without another ounce of daily wisdom. My purpose is to have my life lived in and throw others. I am in oneness with my God-given talent to connect with people…I love humanity and if you find yourself reading to this point, it is only fair for me to say, “I love you”.

My purpose is beyond who I am now and what I can become. It does not yet appear what I will be, but I wait for the change that is coming. What is your purpose? Have you found your “Why”? If you have not discovered it yet, take some time to start digging deep into the recesses of your mind to unfold the mysteries that are uniquely yours.

I did say that to comment on either of these powerful characteristics of success-driven people would be a challenge. Therefore, I am going to break this down into a three-part series. Tomorrow we will cover Commitment and next, we will dissect Accountability. Join me on this journey as we learn to position our thoughts to get a new life through the process of Leadership Evolution. Be blessed!

To be continued…

#Keep doing Your Best Work!



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