2017 – Purpose, Commitment & Accountability – Part 3

I am now setting the stage for what the next years of my life will look like. I cannot say that I will be alive, but it is my hope. With this hope, I have a desire to be great and stay great. The path we take to get where we want doesn’t happen by chance but through audacious moves, we learn how to navigate.

You and I are here in this very moment feeling the intensity of the day. We are going to rise up and start living the words we speak and believe from our thoughts. For the past two days, we have joined hearts in recognizing the value of purpose, commitment, and accountability. We have learned to ask our “Why” to unleash our purpose and discovered the way to start living out commitment daily. We are now ready to step into another realm of living where we understand that we need to attach something of significance to our purpose and the need to align our commitment to accountability. Let’s open the accountability door.


We are in this together and that is how we will achieve it. Accountability requires togetherness, it requires seeking out to get others to help us along the journey. You should not do this alone. You Are Not Alone!
“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” ~ Bob Proctor
Accountability goes to the core of what you want to really achieve. It is so important that we become aware of what it takes to get to the top of our game. Having a purpose is great. Living a life committed to that purpose is also awesome, but we need to have accountability in the mix. As you brainstorm, here are a few thoughtful questions:
  1. Have you set a standard that you must follow to gain success?
  2. What are you willing to do?
  3. Who will you take on this journey?
  4. Do you feel the need to do whatever it takes or are you waiting for someone to give you the approval?

Accountability stretches you. If you want to sure up your accountability spectrum, it will require you to get outside of your comfort zone. I have learned an amazing way to get accountability going and keep it growing. I really wanted to get a better grip of this and so in my search, I found this approach to master my accountability. If you have been reading my posts daily, you would have seen my share where I mentioned the book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. This amazing principle helped me to discover my ONE Thing that I am now living. One of the things that Keller suggests to conquer accountability in any area of life is to do a 66-Day Challenge. This challenge would help us focus on our spiritual life, physical health, personal life, key relationships, jobs, business, and financial life. It is such a joy when accountability is aligned to habits – the purpose we are committed to in life – we get the opportunity to find ways to start living what we say and believe.

“Accountability is the breakfast of champions.” ~ Gary Keller

There are many areas in my life that I applied the 66-Day Challenge, but my best experience was when I applied it to improve the habit of cementing key relationships. I started out what I call an “accountability partnership.”  We lived out reciprocity as this individual was there to share and expound big ideas. We challenged each other’s thoughts and everything that we had for a goal. My accountability partner and I took the 66-Day Challenge to continue building a positive connection. Every day we encouraged each other to do something more as we focused on all goals towards our ONE thing. This was an amazing experience because over the 66 days we got to zone in on the things that were challenging us and the things that we needed to be motivated to do. The result was astounding! We not only helped each other to get things to the next level but also developed a stronger friendship. We achieved the goal of building a key relationship for life. As you work towards your purpose and staying committed, you can apply the 66-Day Challenge as a tool to create the habit you desire. I am constantly working on improving myself and whenever I need to keep things going I just get my Challenge Calendar out and start tracking. I care so much about your success and want to open your mind to some amazing things that can get us moving in the right direction. Today, you can start or continue the journey of learning accountability by doing a 66-Day Challenge.

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart – this you will build your life by, this you will become. ~ James Allen

We are all on a mission to compose the best version of ourselves. It is with purpose we take action, living with a sincere commitment to those actions and developing accountability that will produce the results. Take the time to dig deeper and see how what I have shared over the past few days can help you live a happier, better life. Remember it all starts with the first thought. Be blessed!

Personal accountability means being answerable to our “better selves” or to the sort of honorable human being we would like to be. ~ John C. Maxwell

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!



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