2017 – The Beauty in Connection…

It is time again to add value to the people I love. If you missed that I did not share yesterday – thank you. I have said on numerous occasions that my inspiration comes from my daily interaction with people. I am fully vested in the Law of Connection, where John C. Maxwell gives us a profound lesson about the purpose of Connection in the life of a leader. The Law of Connection states that “Leaders Touch a Heart Before They Ask for a Hand.” This is such a true law about us as humans and how we must connect with people from the heart and as they would say, the rest is history – Wrong! A connection does not start with the conversation or the greeting, the connection must first start within you. When we connect, it does not just happen once, it is on a continuum where you and the person get ready to exchange and engage. What do you notice about yourself that automatically makes you a connector? This is what I have come to know, as you live like a connector on the inside others will start to make the slow or quick buy-in. As you and I lead our lives, it is important that we discover how to lead the connection. I am learning how to develop that daily and I am noticing phenomenal growth. What I love about life and understanding our potential is that we can always grow. You can grow as a connector as well – no matter at what level you are. I have determined that I am a connector at level 7! What is your level (on a scale of 1 to 10)?

Yesterday, as I often do my practice to connect with people I meet, I had a bonzer experience that reminded me of why it is important to connect with people. It is such an important skill that I think we will be marginalized for the most part throughout life if we refuse to grow in this area. I want to let you know we all need to connect beyond our circle – and I did just that when I connected with T.C.J. (for respect I will use T.C.J. to refer to my new friend). T.C.J. is such a humble person. When I met him yesterday, he never flaunted who he was. Instead, he decided to engage with me and inspired me by the words he had to say and more so his wonderful story. That’s what provided my inspiration for today. T.C.J. explained in our conversation that he has genital cancer which causes excruciating pain for many patients and for others not so much. As he shared this very personal experience, he never asked or inadvertently made us think he wanted self-pity. He said: “I don’t have much pain” and gave a smile as he outlined that he knows so many others who have a lot more pain than he does, and so he felt blessed. When he said those words, “I feel blessed” I truly felt what he was saying. T.C.J. continued to explain that he gets to do so many things that others are not able to do – cheerfully he listed them out: be with my family, work every day and do so much more. He was blessed with the things he still gets to do and not concerning himself with the situation. I am sure you will agree with me that T.C.J. has a remarkable story and lesson in the life he is living. He was not afraid to say – in spite of his circumstance – “I am blessed”. At that moment, I saw an individual who was living the law of connection. He was not afraid to share his heart – even if he was unaware of what he was doing – T.C.J’s ability to connect won our hearts by showing how to be happy in spite of. How many of us can do that today? How many of us would be able to stand convinced you would be happy no matter the circumstance? Something for us to think about.

The story of T.C.J. taught me or more so reminded me of why it is important to connect with people from the heart and then lead from there. I never met this gentleman before but connecting with him yesterday inspired me to look at my own life. How have I been living and what am I really concerned about? Is it money, the house, next movie night, changing out my wardrobe, traveling, etc.? What is important today, right here, right now? I too found value in the conversation from the fact that I was practicing the law of connection. I was able to bring home something just by making the effort to connect in an intentional way. As I discover my leadership ability, I am aware that we are all not at the same place. We must, therefore, search out ways to build those connection skills in life.

When you connect with others, you position yourself to make the most of your skills and talents…No matter what your goals are, connecting can help you… [and remember] The ability to connect with others begins with understanding the value of people.” ~ John C. Maxwell, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

I was reminded yesterday about being grateful and the value of connecting with others. We can all take away something today from this message if we try to put the pieces together in our individual situation. Are you willing to make an effort to connect with someone today? People have amazing stories and experiences – making that connection allows you to start discovering how blessed you can live. One of the greatest connectors of all time taught us a valuable lesson about what happens when we connect with people – Jesus Christ. For those who believe in Him, His life and mission have forever stained our hearts. We can take a page from his life and the people He connected with. Case in point – Check out the lives of the apostles, the woman at the well in Samaria, Zacchaeus just to name a few. His example provides a road map about first touching the heart before he asked for a hand. As you evaluate yourself today and connecting with yourself, John C. Maxwell suggests that we start by measuring our self-awareness (knowing and liking who you are) by answering a few questions:


  • How would I describe my personality?
  • What is my greatest character strength?
  • What is my greatest character weakness?
  • What is my single greatest asset?
  • What is my single greatest deficit?
  • How well do I relate to others (1 to 10)?
  • How well do I communicate with others (1 to 10)?
  • How likable am I (1 to 10)?

Now ask three people you know well to answer the same questions about you. ~ John C. Maxwell

We all need to learn the beauty in connecting with others so we can strengthen the relationships that are important to us. Take some time to think on these things and discover your connection point.

#Keep Doing Your Best Work!



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